Happy New Year

It’s been so long since I posted! I’ll kick myself for this before long, when I’m wondering what yarn, hook or pattern I used for a particular project.

My blog absence is due to completing Christmas orders and then furiously hooking up a few Christmas presents, not to mention fitting in a social life, working and taking care of four children and one husband, it’s been a hectic few weeks! I thought I’d write a 2014 review post to remind myself what I have completed over the last few weeks and months.

***Going to try to group them into some kind of order as I’ve just realised exactly how many pics I’ve taken over the last few months!***


I love owls. Some much character in their faces and mannerisms and crochet owls are so popular. This pair of hats were for newborn twins, ahhhh,

14157871354511_wm (1)IMG_20140703_074212_wm


I just love working with bright colours and ROYGBIV, or variations of, are my favourite. I made the first blanket for my youngest child and he loves it. He always sleeps really well when tucked in with this blanket which is an added bonus. The second and third pics were made to order and I loved every minute of making them.

IMG_20140710_031142_wm (1) IMG_20140820_112433_wm (1)


Frozen Inspired Dress

It was lovely to be asked to make something completely different, combining crochet with tulle! I was so pleased with how this dress turned out that it hung in my conservatory for a good few weeks like some kind of museum exhibit, I loved looking at it! It was then posted to Germany to a little girl for her third birthday.

IMG_20140914_172634_wm (3)

Bear Hooded Cowls

I love making these! They look infinitely cute on anyone who tries them on. Here’s my daughter modelling my first bear cowl, it has had a lot of wear which makes me so happy! The pink one was made for a customer order. I have made a few more to order and also I’ve made an orange one for my three year old and a  pale green/grey one for the toddler. A pic may follow if they ever stand still!

IMG_20141021_190855_wm  IMG_20141112_102506_wm (2)

Slouch hats and mitts…

Were very popular this AW14! Made in a sparkly white yarn, which unfortunately doesn’t photograph well, these were so pretty and wintry! I have been meaning to make myself a pair of the mitts but haven’t got round to it yet. Maybe in time for next winter!

IMG_20141119_103713_wm 14183037234071_wmIMG_20141119_103417_wm

The rest…

In the words of my idol, these are a few of my favourite things!

IMG_20141130_132417_wm  14178638387461_wm 14178924756931_wm 14183040037541_wm  IMG_20141218_103153_wm IMG_20140918_112720_wm (1) IMG_20140918_125051_wm (1)  IMG_20141021_111457_wm  IMAG2385

Thanks for reading and supporting my love of crochet. Most patterns can be found via ravelry (although I am a bit rubbish at updating!), my username is littleroo.

Here’s to lots more hooking in 2015!


Teeny snowflake pattern

I struggled to find a small simple snowflake to add to some child size fingerless mitts so I came up with this. Just noting it down so the second snowflake matches my first!


They match!

Pattern is in US terms.

Use dk yarn and 3mm hook.

Ch4 and sl st into 1st ch to make a ring

Row 1: ch1, *sc into centre of ring, ch3* repeat ** 5 times with a slip stitch into first sc after the final ch3. There should be six ch3 loops.

Row 2: *2 sc into ch3 loop, ch3 then sc into 1st ch (picot), 2sc into loop. sl st into sc between loops on previous row.* Repeat ** 5 more times and fasten off.

I recommend blocking to fix the snowflakes in shape before appliqueing (is that a word?!)

I recommend blocking to fix the snowflakes in shape before appliqueing (is that a word?!)

Frozen themed bobble hat

I was late to the party with regards to Frozen, I didn’t see it until the middle of summer but became slightly obsessed with the soundtrack as soon as I saw it. I also loved getting ideas for new hats and accessories and thought I would carry on with my theme of crocheting with two strands of yarn in order to make a hat that was a bit different to all the Elsa crowns and braids out there. This is a really simple hat that looks so sweet when complete.

This simple pattern makes a hat that will fit a child from approximately 3-8 years. It’s lovely and stretchy.


You need: 

  • DK yarn in turquoise and sparkly white. I used stylecraft special “sherbet” and James C Brett Twinkle DK in white.
  • 6mm and 5.5mm hook for hat. 4mm hook for snowflake.
  • Pom-pom maker such as this clover one. Alternatively, use good old fashioned cardboard circles. Plenty of YouTube videos to show you how.

Pattern is in US terms.


Start with 6mm hook:
Magic ring, chain 2, DC 10 in magic ring, join to first DC, ch 2
Round 2: ch 2, 2 DC in each around, join (20 DC)
Round 3: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next, around, join (30 DC)
Round 4: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next two, join (40 DC)
Round 5: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next three, join (50 DC)
Round 6: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next 9, join (55 DC)
Round 7-13: ch 2, DC in each stitch around, join (55 DC)
Round 14-16 (change to 5.5mm hook): ch1, SC in each stitch around, join, ch 1 (55 SC)
Finish off.
Snowflake: I used this pattern by swirls and sprinkles, the sparkly DK and a 4mm hook, and blocked using spray starch before sewing to my hat.
Pom pom: I made by wrapping both strands of yarn round the pom-pom maker at the same time.