Making Zuma

My third born is three today! All he wanted for his birthday was a Paw Patrol toy. The only problem with this is that there are NO Paw Patrol toys on sale in the UK! They are available via amazon or ebay but at inflated prices as they are imported from the USA. Fortunately I found a pattern on Etsy for amigurumi versions of the gang and as Zuma is his favourite, I thought I better purchase it and make a start. This was 5 days before his birthday though so I was cutting it fine!

I used stylecraft DK yarn in dark brown and jaffa (neon orange) and a 3mm hook which I had covered in fimo a few days previous. I love my new handle, it makes working with thin hooks much more comfortable. I enjoy using this yarn too, it is lovely and soft and gives a good finish.

I started off by making the body, thinking I had better get the bigger pieces out of the way first. It actually made up within a couple of hours. I actually found the smaller pieces, like the tail, more difficult as they were so fiddly. Also working in dark brown wool was tricky as the stitches weren’t always clear, even in good light.

It was the evening before his birthday and we had finally got the two little ones to bed. I really just wanted to watch TV and drink some wine but Zuma wasn’t yet ready for the birthday boy….infact he still needed two legs and ear and a tail!


I think because I had to work under pressure, I was much more focussed and actually got the missing pieces made in a couple of hours. That included interruptions from the baby who didn’t want to sleep! Phew, what a relief, Zuma would be ready on time!


That is my least favourite part though, trying to get it looking just right. I think I did ok though and I got to have a glass of wine by about 10pm 🙂


The pattern was well written and easy to follow. I might even purchase some of the other pups to create the collection. I need a rest from 3mm hooks and tiny stitches for a while though!


A WIP update

It’s that time again, for me to remind myself of all the projects I have on the go and to chivvy myself along!

I have a new project on the go this week. Typical me, leaving it until the last minute… it’s a Zuma amigurumi toy from Paw Patrol. My two-year old is obsessed with the Paw Patrol and Zuma is his favourite. That’s because Zuma is orange and orange is his favourite colour! Anyway, the two-year old will be three on Sunday so last night (Tuesday!) I start making his toy. I work better under pressure anyway 😉

So, here is Zuma’s body and one leg.


Still to go…three legs, one head, two ears, a hat and a tail. I can manage that in the next four days, right? (You know I’ll be up until stupid o’clock on Saturday!)

It will be worth it to see his little face on his birthday though. Can’t wait!

I now have two corner to corner blankets on the go. Same colours but different orders so their new owners, who are siblings, can tell which blanket belongs to who. Nearly finished the body of the second blanket now and then just the ends and the border/edging to do.


The rainbow blanket has had to go on hold while I finish the Zuma toy and the C2C blankets but I managed a few rows at the weekend…it’s getting there!


Hopefully this time next week, Zuma will be long finished, the blankets will be with their new owners and the rainbow blanket will be well on its way.

Then what shall I make?!

Love, Betty x