My current WIPs

What a busy week we’ve had. Yesterday we attended Carlisle Megacon with the This Could be Massive crew and I put together a few hats to sell. So, the last week I’ve been busy making Minions, Adventure Time Finn, Captain America, Thor and of course a couple of Creeper hats and a Pig. Unfortunately I didn’t photograph most of them so have no record of them now! The only one that didn’t sell was Captain America and that was my favourite (and the only one I had photographed previously!).


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This week’s WIPs

This week I’ve been busy finishing off two lovely, bright corner to corner blankets. The colours look amazing, so vibrant and happy. I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do for the border. This pattern doesn’t necessarily need a border, but those ends needed somewhere to hide! I’ve previously done a scalloped edge but these required a simpler stitch. Borders are a bit tricky on this type of blanket as the edges are a bit uneven depending on what type of stitch ended the row. So for the first border row I did a single crochet between each row end and chained 2. The on the next row I did 3x double crochet in each ch2 space.


The single crochet followed by two chains


The finished blankets, one needs blocking to straighten up the edges.


Freshly washed!

The other items I’ve been busy with include the granny stripe blanket, some bunting and a ripple blanket.



The granny stripe is nearly done now, just the border to do. I’m currently part way through the first row, I’m doing a granny stitch in white and them I’m going to do all the colours of the rainbow in half double crochet I think.

I just started the ripple to see how I liked the pattern. It’s pretty simple and easy to do but it’s not as mindless as the granny stripe, I have to keep counting or I go wrong! I loved the granny as I could do it without looking, the ripple requires a bit more attention. Still, it’s a pretty pattern. Simple but very effective. I’ve used Caron simply soft, gorgeous yarn, in strawberry, pistachio and white. I love this yarn, I need more of it in my life.


I wanted to make some bunting for my little boy’s playhouse and loved the simplicity of this pattern from Pink Milk Jewels . To satisfy my rainbow obsession it had to be ROYGBIV although some shades are different to those used in the rainbow blanket. The little triangles are so neat! They needed blocking though as the edges went really curly. I added a white border round all sides of the triangle and then added a rainbow appliqué (pattern from repeat crafter me).


Blocking the flags


IMAG2382 This has to be the cutest rainbow ever!


I’m struggling to keep up with my blog at the minute. I’m typing one-handed while bribing the baby with raisins to keep him still! I think I’ll have to do little and often and maybe just stick to one project at a time….yeah right!


A WIP update

It’s that time again, for me to remind myself of all the projects I have on the go and to chivvy myself along!

I have a new project on the go this week. Typical me, leaving it until the last minute… it’s a Zuma amigurumi toy from Paw Patrol. My two-year old is obsessed with the Paw Patrol and Zuma is his favourite. That’s because Zuma is orange and orange is his favourite colour! Anyway, the two-year old will be three on Sunday so last night (Tuesday!) I start making his toy. I work better under pressure anyway 😉

So, here is Zuma’s body and one leg.


Still to go…three legs, one head, two ears, a hat and a tail. I can manage that in the next four days, right? (You know I’ll be up until stupid o’clock on Saturday!)

It will be worth it to see his little face on his birthday though. Can’t wait!

I now have two corner to corner blankets on the go. Same colours but different orders so their new owners, who are siblings, can tell which blanket belongs to who. Nearly finished the body of the second blanket now and then just the ends and the border/edging to do.


The rainbow blanket has had to go on hold while I finish the Zuma toy and the C2C blankets but I managed a few rows at the weekend…it’s getting there!


Hopefully this time next week, Zuma will be long finished, the blankets will be with their new owners and the rainbow blanket will be well on its way.

Then what shall I make?!

Love, Betty x

WIP Wednesday…It’s been a while!

The little ones are playing happily so I have ten minutes (maybe!) to collect my thought about my current projects.

The Granny Stripe Blanket: The awesome, simple, stunning granny stripe blanket! I am totally in love with this blanket and with rainbow coloured yarn. I had never appreciated that something so simple could look so impressive. Even the husband is impressed by this WIP!

I bought a Lucy pack of yarn from wool warehouse and used the attic24 pattern to get started on this blanket. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the colours so picked out the rainbow ones and a white skein and made a start. I took a while to get going but now I can do two rows in 15 minutes. I can manage two hours of crochet before my hands ache so I get 8 stripes done, just over half a rainbow. I have so far done two rainbow repeats…can’t decide if I need three or four repeats to make it a decent size for a cot/toddler bed

Hooked using a 4mm hook and stylecraft DK yarn

Corner to corner blanket: Another colourful project! This is for a Betty’s Bells order and is #1 of 2. The second one will be the same colours but a different order. The customer has said I can choose the colour for the border….decisions, decisions! 
Hooked using a 6mm hook and Hayfield bonus chunky

I’m also working on a baby sun hat for a friend in blue, yellow and white cotton. Pics of that one to follow!

The end is nigh (of my mat leave, that is!)

The last few Wednesdays have come round so quickly. This is my last Wednesday on maternity leave so I expect I won’t have as many projects on the go once I’m back to work. I start back on Monday but that’s a bank holiday and next week is half term so I should manage to get a bit more hooking in before things get too chaotic once more!

I’ve mixed feelings about going back, which is to be expected after maternity leave! I’m going to miss my two little people so much. The last few months have been pretty challenging and I’ve had some really difficult times, but I’ve loved being there for them, 24/7, so much and seeing how much they’ve grown and developed has been a real privilege. I’ll miss my big two too although they probably won’t notice my absence so much with their being at school. I’m on a part time contract so will still be able to pick them up four times a week and drop them off two or three times.

People usually try to console those going back to work with the thought of hot cuppas and toilet breaks in peace. Teaching isn’t one of those jobs that lends itself to getting a hot cuppa and to be honest, I usually drink so little I don’t need the loo! But there are advantages to going back. Firstly, the money! SMP isn’t great so a bit of extra cash will be nice. Secondly, my colleagues. They’re all lovely and really supportive. I enjoy working with them. And of course, the children/pupils/learners, whatever the government is referring to them as this week. Those amazing young people who test you to your limits and make the good times great and the hard times worthwhile. I’m looking forward to seeing the ones I have taught before and getting to know new classes.

So, while I get back into the swing of things, crocheting will have to take a back seat. Although I will be sure to keep something on the go as a relaxation activity once all my homework is done!

This week’s works in progress:

Slouchy hat: nearly done. Daughter likes it but wants it a bit “slouchier” so I have to frog the last couple of rows and add a few more of the double crochet rows.

Poncho: done! Will show you pics on finished Friday!

Amigurumi Unicorn: One leg done! That took me flipping ages! If anyone has any tips about how to do a magic ring with a 3mm hook they would be greatly appreciated. Once I’m a few rows in it’s fine but those first rows are so fiddly.

Right, back to being referee between the baby and the toddler!

This week’s WIPs

Gosh, work in progress Wednesday comes around quickly! This week I’ve been working on a couple of crocheted baby toys. One is the bunny (I know, I know…). It’s been ready to put together for a number of days but I need to get some stuffing. Making up is my least favourite part which is probably why I’ve not bought the stuffing yet! The plan is to finish it by Friday. Promise.

Secondly an Amish puzzle ball. These look really cool and I know my 7 year month old would love rolling it around and crawling after it. He’d love chewing it too. He loves chewing everything at the minute! I had to make 12 cone shaped pieces and three chains of “lids”. Each lid will cover one of the cones. It’s a bit of a boring make and I’m really not looking forward to putting it together.

Not a great pic but 12 x cones and one chain of lids

I have a baby unicorn on my to do list but again, I need some stuffing to make it. Have a look at the link though, it is so cute!

I enjoy the intricacy of amigurumi. I am really not keep on finishing them off though. Will give the unicorn a go and see how I get on. There’s no point flogging a dead horse, so to speak, so if I’ve had enough by then, I’ll stick with what I enjoy…cute little hats and other baby accessories.

WIP Wednesday

It’s already Wednesday again! These weeks are going in far too quickly. Think it’s a combination of being kept super busy with four children and using my spare time to crochet and then blog about it! Not to mention that I am on the back to work countdown… four weeks to go and I bet these four weeks go the quickest of all.

So, as usual, I am working on multiple projects. I now realise I’m not alone in this as a crochet group held a poll the other day: one project on the go or a few? The results were 100% had more than one on the go. Surprising? Not really. I think we all love the excitement of starting something new. Looking for the pattern, wondering what colour yarn to use, getting everything ready and making a start. I enjoy working items up but putting them together is my least favourite part and I guess that’s when I start on something new!

Anyway, this weeks Works In Progress:

The Blanket: This is just about finished now. Just got the ends to weave in and the edging to do. 

The Sun hat: I’m going to try out a couple of sun hat designs but so far I’m really happy with this one. The pattern is toddler sized but this one fits my seven month old quite nicely (he does have quite a big head though and is the size of some one year olds!). I’ve two more rows to do on the brim and then need to think about embellishments. I thought the wavy brim might be a bit girly but it looks cute on him and will definitely keep the sun off his precious little face.

Amigurumi Bunny: So far, I’ve finished the head, two legs and an ear. I haven’t quite finished the body and the one arm that are pictured because they require stuffing and then a few more rows. I’ve quite liked working with a tiny hook to make this tiny toy. I’m not quite sure about the colour of this yarn though…it’s pink and white and has quite a lot of one colour before changing. Therefore the head’s a bit pink, body is white, one leg is half pink, ear totally pink!  
Hopefully these will all be ready in time for a Finished Friday post!