Finished Friday!

This week I have finally managed to finish the Newborn Knits cardi that I have blogged about before. Only problem is, it’s a bit on the small side . I suspect my gauge may be off.

I admit, I’ve never checked my gauge before. Lesson learnt. 

I reckon I can probably add a few rows to the bottom although I’m not sure they’ll look the same or if it will be obvious they are upside down. The sleeves are ok in length and the hood looks very cute when it’s on. Think I need to add toggle type buttons as these ones easily slip back through the button holes when it’s being worn.

Here’s a new cardi selfie to show what it looks like on…

Not the best pic, but it’s impossible to get this child to stay still these days! You get the idea though. 
I have another Newborn Knits pattern to try. This one was in size 12 months (Master S is a few days short of his seven month birthday!), I think I’ll have to do the next one in 24 months just to be sure he gets some wear out of it!
Happy Friday everyone x


Work In Progress Wednesday

As always, I have a couple of projects on the go. Nothing new I’m afraid but I’ll share pics anyway.

First the cardigan from Newborn Knots, the “Hooded Baby Sweater/Coat”. It is so close to being finished, I might even get it done tonight! It looks a little bit short though, I suspect I should have checked my gauge first, oops! I may just keep adding rows to the bottom so it fits Master S as long as possible. It has been an epic project, as in, it has taken me a very long time!

Secondly, a corner to corner blanket. This is for an order so just a sneak peek. I intend to finish this by the weekend, I’m probably about 1/3 of the way through it.

I finished some little booties for Master S the other day. They were to go with the hooded cardi but they’re a touch on the small side! So, although these are finished, they’re still a WIP as I need to make another pair in a bigger size!

Looking at this pic, I might add a little pink nose, some whiskers and ears to make these into little mice!

Anyone want to share any WIPs with me?

Crocheted Cardigans

I currently have a couple of cardigans on the go, to see if I have the time to make them for my business.

The hat sales have dwindled as the weather has got warmer which I had anticipated, but I’ve been a bit stuck on what to make instead! I’ve enjoyed making a couple of things for my smallest two boys and my daughter has asked me to make her a slouchy hat so I’ll be getting on with that soon. I asked for suggestions as to what people might buy, and the ideas included sun hats, blankets and cardis.

So, a few weeks ago I was asked to make some unisex cardigans and found this one on craftsy.

I love the look of it, it’s a cardi when the weather is still cool but can be a light jacket on warmer days. I bought the pattern and started making it for my 6 month old. Actually, I think he was only 5 months when I started but it’s taken me so long to get it done! It’s still not finished but I only have 1 sleeve and the hood to go.

I consider myself a fairly speedy crocheter these days but this one is taking forever. I think it’s because it’s single crochet (fine) but ONLY in front loops. This means I have to constantly look at what I’m doing, I haven’t really got into a rhythm with it and, although it has a look of double crochet, it’s taking longer than double crochets take. Also because I know it won’t be a quick make, I keep putting it to the bottom of my list. I need to finish it before the baby grows out of it though. It looks nice so I’m happy but I won’t be taking orders for it.

Another cardi I have been trying out has been this one, from Moogly.

Mini Moogly Sweater :: free #crochet pattern in sizes 0-3mths and 3-6mths!

It has worked up quickly and looks beautiful. The foundation double crochet was a new stitch for me but the moogly tutorial was brilliant and taught me just what I needed to know. All the other stitches were basic and the body works up in one piece which is fab. I hate stitching! At the minute my creation doesn’t have sleeves and although it’s very cute, I think I’ll need to add sleeves though as it’s not exactly warm here! I’ll definitely be making this cardigan again. A bonus is that the pattern is free so be sure to have a look at it.