WIP Wednesday

Apologies for the lateness of this weeks WIP Wednesday post, but the original post has gone missing somewhere in the ether between the blogger app on my phone and the internet. Very annoying. The blogger app is pretty useless and causing me to consider moving the blog to another provider. WordPress seems a popular choice. I like how blogger links to all things google though.

So, this week has been pretty busy! I got a new niece which spurred me on to finish the amigurumi bunny and to make the cutest little hat and shoes set.

I have also been busy completing a lovely hat for an order. It’s pretty much the baby cloche hat pattern that I’ve used before, just done in a adult size. It’s made from Lily Sugar n Cream cotton which I love working with. The stitches look so defined and neat. I hope its new owner likes it. 
I have a couple of WIPs this week…
Preschooler poncho: I’m really enjoying making this colourful poncho. It’s the first time I’ve worked with stylecraft yarns and I have to say, I’m impressed with the quality of the double knitting yarn. It’s lovely and soft and stays neat as I’m working with it. The threads don’t unwind like some yarns do and there’s an nice finish to the stitches. I’m 16 rows in now and I reckon I need at least another 20. Each row takes about 15 minutes now but that gets gradually longer as there are two clusters of stitches added to each row. I think I’ll finish it off with a couple of rows of single crochet and then a scalloped edging. 

Neon pink slouchy hat: Requested by my 10 year old daughter, apparently these are what every girl needs these days. In bright pink, obviously. Still, it’s a pretty easy request in a lovely yarn. I love the Caron Simply Soft (which is worsted/aran weight yarn) so much, I just wish I could buy it locally. I don’t mind buying from the internet but the free delivery for orders over £25 is just too good an offer to miss out on and I have ended up with a LOT of yarn! Have a look here for all the pretty colours that are available.

Not looking likely that I’ll have either of these finished by Friday, but I’ll give it a go! Oh, and the amish puzzle ball…it hasn’t left my WIP box since last week, oops. 

Finished Friday

Writing my WIP Wednesday post always spurs me on to get something finished by Friday! I have a couple of things from this weeks WIP post to share, plus another that I started and finished in one evening.

The Blanket: Done. 
Finally finished this order. I just had the edging left to do and started doing it by doing a round of single crochet in grey. It made the edges all ripply though, and not uniformly so I ripped that back and just went with the scalloped edging I had done on one of these blankets previously. I have to say it looks lovely.

Corner to corner blankets
I used this pattern which I found via ravelry. The first time I made it, I used a chunky yarn and a 6mm hook as recommended on the yarn label. It looks great but it quite dense and not as drapey as I would like a baby blanket to be. It will be more suited as a cot or pram blanket rather than a swaddle or for tucking round baby in a car seat.
This time, I have used the same chunky yarn, but a 6.5mm hook. I prefer the feel of the blanket, it’s not so heavy. So while it’s still not a swaddling blanket, it would be suited to cot, pram or car seat. For a swaddling blanket, I reckon I would need to use double knitting weight (light worsted) and a 4 or 4.5mm hook. This would take a long, long time though, as the squares would be smaller and you would need many more to get the blanket to size. I like chunky yarn!
The Sun hat: Done.

This made up in no time at all. A couple of hours for the hat and half an hour for the flower and weaving ends in. It feels lovely and light, and the ripply brim is perfect for a toddler. Click here for a link to the pattern. 

Sun hat mk2: Done!
I only started this yesterday, while sitting in the car waiting for the big kids to get out of school. An hour or two in the evening and it was finished! I just need to wait until the morning to try it on the baby. 

It’s a bit of a mish mash of patterns. The main part is from KT and the squid’s Newsboy hat pattern. The brim, I made it up! I was hoping there wouldn’t be any ripples but it has a gently rippling brim. If it fits my baby, I’ll keep this one for him and try again, tweaking the pattern. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll frog it! (Frogging: ripping back 😦 pulling apart…don’t want to do this!). 

Both sun hats were hooked using Lily Sugar n Cream. I love this yarn. Beautiful colours and a beautifully defined finish. Wish I could buy it locally. Bet my husband is glad I can’t!
Bunny: Not done. Will try and finish that this weekend. 
Happy Friday to you all, hope it’s a good one x

Crochet confusion part 2: worsted yarn

It feels odd referring to the stuff I have called “wool” all my life, as “yarn”. The Americans are right though, it is yarn. Wool is defined as a fibre obtained from the coats of animals. Yarn is the term to describe a continuous length of interlocked fibres. So the pedant in me insists that I now call it yarn. 
When I started crocheting, I had a plentiful supply of yarn left over from my knitting days, but it wasn’t the yarn they were recommending on patterns. Most patterns called for a “worsted weight yarn”. Say what? I had no idea. Turns out that worsted weight is approximately equivalent to our aran weight. That is, unless the pattern is asking for light worsted or heavy worsted…they are totally different! (double knitting and chunky to us in the UK).

Why can’t these things be the same the world over? Why can’t we all use the same terms to describe our yarns? Why can’t we all decide to just call the crochet hooks their actual size ie a 5mm hook (as is UK convention), rather than a “H” hook (US!)? Why is our single crochet a US double crochet?!

Sorry, back to yarn. 

So, I spent the first few months using aran weight yarn, not convinced it was the right stuff, but my items worked up ok so I was happy.

I was browsing the Wool Warehouse site, looking for some cotton yarns to make lighter hats, more suited to spring and ordered lots of balls of gorgeousness like this one…

Can you imagine my excitement when I spotted this on the label!

Finally I could feel confident that I was using the correct yarn. I hadn’t used cotton before so thought I’d do a couple of little projects to try out the pretty new additions to my stash. 
I used the solid colours (Drops Paris) to make a cover for my phone using a pattern from Moogly. I lost some stitches along the way so it is far from perfect but it was good for getting used to using an inelastic fibre. I might even make a matching one for my laptop. 

 I loved working with the Lily Sugar n Cream Ombres to make this little hat. Gorgeous colours, perfect for spring days.

The cotton works up beautifully, giving a really polished finish to items. It is more expensive than acrylic yarns and less forgiving when it comes to sizing, but I think I will be buying a lot more cotton, worsted yarn in the future.