These are a few of my favourite patterns!

Collage 2015-01-08 16_27_44

Fingerless mitts – such a simple pattern which works up beautifully. The pattern is for aran (worsted) weight yarn and a 5mm hook but it’s easily adaptable. I’ve made it with DK using a 4mm hook and just repeating the cuff until it fits around the wrist.

Itty bitty bow beanie – very cute and lovely texture to this pattern. Wish it was available in bigger sizes as my brain can’t work out how the increases would work!

Attic24 granny stripe blanket – makes a stunning blanket and is one of my favourite patterns as I can watch TV while hooking it up!

Corner to corner blanket – a thicker texture than the granny stripe and I love the diagonal pattern. Need to make more of these!

Owl hat – one of the first hats I made and Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me taught me so much about crochet. All her patterns are great and her explanations very clear.

Road trip scarf – I love making these. I’ve made three so far in king cole riot but have so far not photographed any of them! Think I will have one in every colour combo before long.

fingerless gloves

Fingerless mitts

bright scarf


Hot off the hook!

I finally finished the rainbow granny blanket! The border rows took way longer than I expected and there were all the ends to tie in too. Here are a few pics…





Isn’t it wonderful! I am so proud of it. I made it for my fourth child, my nine month old and I hope he will be comforting to him throughout his childhood and maybe even beyond.

I used stylecraft special dk yarn, a selection of colours from the Attic24 kit at wool warehouse. I love those websites so much. Lucy at the Attic is so inspiring and wool warehouse enable me to indulge in lots of pretty colours at really reasonable prices. I used a 4mm hook which keeps the stitches well defined and not too loose. The border is a row of white single crochet followed by a row of each rainbow colour. Each colour is single crochet in back loops only and you can see what that looks like here…

IMG_20140710_030728_wmThe border has a tendency to curl, it’s not a major problem for me but in the future I may add a row of sc followed by a pretty edging row.

I truly enjoyed making this blanket. I can actually watch tv while I granny stitch which is a bonus!

Until next time, happy hooking.

This week’s WIPs

This week I’ve been busy finishing off two lovely, bright corner to corner blankets. The colours look amazing, so vibrant and happy. I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do for the border. This pattern doesn’t necessarily need a border, but those ends needed somewhere to hide! I’ve previously done a scalloped edge but these required a simpler stitch. Borders are a bit tricky on this type of blanket as the edges are a bit uneven depending on what type of stitch ended the row. So for the first border row I did a single crochet between each row end and chained 2. The on the next row I did 3x double crochet in each ch2 space.


The single crochet followed by two chains


The finished blankets, one needs blocking to straighten up the edges.


Freshly washed!

The other items I’ve been busy with include the granny stripe blanket, some bunting and a ripple blanket.



The granny stripe is nearly done now, just the border to do. I’m currently part way through the first row, I’m doing a granny stitch in white and them I’m going to do all the colours of the rainbow in half double crochet I think.

I just started the ripple to see how I liked the pattern. It’s pretty simple and easy to do but it’s not as mindless as the granny stripe, I have to keep counting or I go wrong! I loved the granny as I could do it without looking, the ripple requires a bit more attention. Still, it’s a pretty pattern. Simple but very effective. I’ve used Caron simply soft, gorgeous yarn, in strawberry, pistachio and white. I love this yarn, I need more of it in my life.


I wanted to make some bunting for my little boy’s playhouse and loved the simplicity of this pattern from Pink Milk Jewels . To satisfy my rainbow obsession it had to be ROYGBIV although some shades are different to those used in the rainbow blanket. The little triangles are so neat! They needed blocking though as the edges went really curly. I added a white border round all sides of the triangle and then added a rainbow appliqué (pattern from repeat crafter me).


Blocking the flags


IMAG2382 This has to be the cutest rainbow ever!


I’m struggling to keep up with my blog at the minute. I’m typing one-handed while bribing the baby with raisins to keep him still! I think I’ll have to do little and often and maybe just stick to one project at a time….yeah right!


WIP Wednesday…It’s been a while!

The little ones are playing happily so I have ten minutes (maybe!) to collect my thought about my current projects.

The Granny Stripe Blanket: The awesome, simple, stunning granny stripe blanket! I am totally in love with this blanket and with rainbow coloured yarn. I had never appreciated that something so simple could look so impressive. Even the husband is impressed by this WIP!

I bought a Lucy pack of yarn from wool warehouse and used the attic24 pattern to get started on this blanket. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the colours so picked out the rainbow ones and a white skein and made a start. I took a while to get going but now I can do two rows in 15 minutes. I can manage two hours of crochet before my hands ache so I get 8 stripes done, just over half a rainbow. I have so far done two rainbow repeats…can’t decide if I need three or four repeats to make it a decent size for a cot/toddler bed

Hooked using a 4mm hook and stylecraft DK yarn

Corner to corner blanket: Another colourful project! This is for a Betty’s Bells order and is #1 of 2. The second one will be the same colours but a different order. The customer has said I can choose the colour for the border….decisions, decisions! 
Hooked using a 6mm hook and Hayfield bonus chunky

I’m also working on a baby sun hat for a friend in blue, yellow and white cotton. Pics of that one to follow!