Finished Friday!

This week I have finally managed to finish the Newborn Knits cardi that I have blogged about before. Only problem is, it’s a bit on the small side . I suspect my gauge may be off.

I admit, I’ve never checked my gauge before. Lesson learnt. 

I reckon I can probably add a few rows to the bottom although I’m not sure they’ll look the same or if it will be obvious they are upside down. The sleeves are ok in length and the hood looks very cute when it’s on. Think I need to add toggle type buttons as these ones easily slip back through the button holes when it’s being worn.

Here’s a new cardi selfie to show what it looks like on…

Not the best pic, but it’s impossible to get this child to stay still these days! You get the idea though. 
I have another Newborn Knits pattern to try. This one was in size 12 months (Master S is a few days short of his seven month birthday!), I think I’ll have to do the next one in 24 months just to be sure he gets some wear out of it!
Happy Friday everyone x


Busy Bank Holiday!

I’ve managed to complete a few items on my to do list over the Easter weekend. First the Moogly cardigan! I hooked this up using Robin baby aran yarn. It’s 100% acrylic so will wash well, essential with a small baby!

If I make this again I will probably use a double knitting weight yarn so the cardi is a bit softer and more pliable. This will look lovely with the pixie bonnet I finished a few days again. I’m a cruel mummy and made my baby boy model it. I think he looks very cute and I must look out a pixie bonnet pattern that’s not quite so girly.

Shell stitch pixie bonnet by Cre8tion Crochet

I have also finished a pair of Mary Jane style baby shoes. This is actually the first time I have used a youtube video to follow a pattern. Initially I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t read the pattern anywhere as I like to skim read them so I know what to expect. Anyway, I just followed the video and I’m really pleased I did. I learnt that I have been joining my rows in the wrong place all this time, oops! If there’s a ch2 at the start, I had been joining in the first stitch rather than the actual chain of the ch2. They looked okay before I feel better for knowing I’m now doing it right! It was good to follow the video, it was reassuring. 

I love this photo of the shoes. I’ve been reading about how to improve my photography skills when taking promotional photos and this is the first time I’ve felt the photo does the item justice.
Lastly, I started a “blessing day bonnet” the other day and got it finished last night. I really love this mercerised cotton yarn. It’s the first time I’ve used it. It gives a lovely finish to an item and is nice and soft but non shedding. I’m struggling to get a good photo of this hat though. It needs to be on something head shaped to show off the shape and the design on the back. I think I’m going to have to try it on the baby! He is quite difficult to get a photo of these days though, he’s just started crawling! Here’s my effort at photographing it so far…
So, all in all, a productive weekend. What shall I make next?! 

Crochet confusion part 2: worsted yarn

It feels odd referring to the stuff I have called “wool” all my life, as “yarn”. The Americans are right though, it is yarn. Wool is defined as a fibre obtained from the coats of animals. Yarn is the term to describe a continuous length of interlocked fibres. So the pedant in me insists that I now call it yarn. 
When I started crocheting, I had a plentiful supply of yarn left over from my knitting days, but it wasn’t the yarn they were recommending on patterns. Most patterns called for a “worsted weight yarn”. Say what? I had no idea. Turns out that worsted weight is approximately equivalent to our aran weight. That is, unless the pattern is asking for light worsted or heavy worsted…they are totally different! (double knitting and chunky to us in the UK).

Why can’t these things be the same the world over? Why can’t we all use the same terms to describe our yarns? Why can’t we all decide to just call the crochet hooks their actual size ie a 5mm hook (as is UK convention), rather than a “H” hook (US!)? Why is our single crochet a US double crochet?!

Sorry, back to yarn. 

So, I spent the first few months using aran weight yarn, not convinced it was the right stuff, but my items worked up ok so I was happy.

I was browsing the Wool Warehouse site, looking for some cotton yarns to make lighter hats, more suited to spring and ordered lots of balls of gorgeousness like this one…

Can you imagine my excitement when I spotted this on the label!

Finally I could feel confident that I was using the correct yarn. I hadn’t used cotton before so thought I’d do a couple of little projects to try out the pretty new additions to my stash. 
I used the solid colours (Drops Paris) to make a cover for my phone using a pattern from Moogly. I lost some stitches along the way so it is far from perfect but it was good for getting used to using an inelastic fibre. I might even make a matching one for my laptop. 

 I loved working with the Lily Sugar n Cream Ombres to make this little hat. Gorgeous colours, perfect for spring days.

The cotton works up beautifully, giving a really polished finish to items. It is more expensive than acrylic yarns and less forgiving when it comes to sizing, but I think I will be buying a lot more cotton, worsted yarn in the future.