Frozen themed bobble hat

I was late to the party with regards to Frozen, I didn’t see it until the middle of summer but became slightly obsessed with the soundtrack as soon as I saw it. I also loved getting ideas for new hats and accessories and thought I would carry on with my theme of crocheting with two strands of yarn in order to make a hat that was a bit different to all the Elsa crowns and braids out there. This is a really simple hat that looks so sweet when complete.

This simple pattern makes a hat that will fit a child from approximately 3-8 years. It’s lovely and stretchy.


You need: 

  • DK yarn in turquoise and sparkly white. I used stylecraft special “sherbet” and James C Brett Twinkle DK in white.
  • 6mm and 5.5mm hook for hat. 4mm hook for snowflake.
  • Pom-pom maker such as this clover one. Alternatively, use good old fashioned cardboard circles. Plenty of YouTube videos to show you how.

Pattern is in US terms.


Start with 6mm hook:
Magic ring, chain 2, DC 10 in magic ring, join to first DC, ch 2
Round 2: ch 2, 2 DC in each around, join (20 DC)
Round 3: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next, around, join (30 DC)
Round 4: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next two, join (40 DC)
Round 5: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next three, join (50 DC)
Round 6: ch 2, 2 DC in first stitch, DC in next 9, join (55 DC)
Round 7-13: ch 2, DC in each stitch around, join (55 DC)
Round 14-16 (change to 5.5mm hook): ch1, SC in each stitch around, join, ch 1 (55 SC)
Finish off.
Snowflake: I used this pattern by swirls and sprinkles, the sparkly DK and a 4mm hook, and blocked using spray starch before sewing to my hat.
Pom pom: I made by wrapping both strands of yarn round the pom-pom maker at the same time.



9 thoughts on “Frozen themed bobble hat

  1. I love this hat… and would love to make it. Would you mind sharing the pattern to the snowflake? I don’t see it on the page.. thank you!!


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